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Light Covers

Click to Learn The Difference of Cover Colors

CLEAR COVER Unbreakable, dust resistant protection to protect the light from debris and particulate. Recommended for users who wish to maintain original light color.

AMBER COVER Battles fog conditions by reducing the amount of blue light. Mimics classic Halogen color temperature. Great for driving in dust at high speeds.

RED COVER Reduces light temperature and glare back in order to enhance penetration in dust and air particulate. Ideal for vehicles in extreme dust conditions.

BLUE COVER Increases lighting distance when used in snow conditions by reflecting the blue light off the snow. Recommended for vehicles in heavy winter conditions.

BLACKOUT COVERS Covers the fixture with a solid black protective cover with a high contrast “X” logo. Required in select states for on-road use.

Click to Learn The Difference of Beam Patterns

SPOT BEAM PATTERN Spot covers maintain original lighting beam pattern while protecting the lens from harmful debris

COMBO BEAM PATTERN Combo covers combine the distance of a a spot cover and the peripheral illumination of a euro cover

EURO Euro covers illuminate the peripherals while decreasing a light levels at a distance

ELLIPTICAL BEAM PATTERN Elliptical covers illuminate the peripherals but is designed to reduce left peripheral illumination for oncoming traffic

WIDE FLOOD OR TRAIL FLOOD BEAM PATTERN Wide Flood covers illuminate a wide field of view in exchange for light levels at a distance (the "trail flood: is the vertical equivalent of a wide flood)

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