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9 Watt Led Rock Light 4 Pod Kit White

  • Product Code: HIL-RL4W
  • SKU: 9929354
  • Availability: In Stock
- Availible in 5 Different Different Colors or in Multi-Color complete with Remote Control.
- Ultra Bright 9W LEDs

The new Vision X LED Rock Light Kits feature 9 Watts per Pod of earth blazing light. Mount these waterproof LED underbody Lights in your wheel well, in front or behind each tire to gain the best visibility and style. Offered in a single 9 Watt Kit, a 4-Light 36 Watt Kit (UTV or Small Vehicle) or 6-Light 54 Watt Kit (Truck or 4-Door Jeep), each kit comes with a Flat mount and Tube Mount base for each pod to aid an easy installation. The Supplied Control box allows for easy connection and wire routing without cutting and splicing each Pod lead. Each Kit features a 4-Year Warranty. 

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