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UTV LED Lighting Review

"The LED movement was a true revolution in the way we went off-road in the evening. It didn’t take long before UTV and off-road enthusiasts & racers began to “see the light” and make the change to LED. LED’s provided for less amp draw on the vehicles charge system meaning you could run more lights..."

- Joey D in his UTV Underground Product Feature

UTV LED Lights

32" XPL Lo-Pro LED Light Bar

- Slim 2" Tall Housing

- Bright/Smooth Backlit Halo

- 5W CREE LEDs w/ Long Range Reflectors

- Lifetime Ltd. Warranty 

4.7" CG2 7-LED Light Cannons

- 49W EA. / 10,500 Lumen Kit.

- Beam Cover System

- Great Front Bumper Lights

- Lifetime Ltd. Warranty 

3.7" LED Mini Cannons

- 21W EA. / 4,500 Lumen Kit

- Beam Cover System

- Great A-Pillar/ Fog LIghts

- Lifetime Ltd. Warranty 

28" LED Chaser Bar

- Running/Brake | Solid Amber | White/Back-Up | Flashing Amber | Running/Brake

- 28" & 35" Lengths

- Lifetime Ltd. Warranty 

9W LED Rock Light Kits (Pre-Order)

- Powerful 9 Watts Per Pod

- 4 or 6 Pod Kits

- Red, White, Blue, Green, Amber, Multi

- 4-Year Warranty 

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UTV Underground